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Notes (updated: Noah-tes) on the preseason opener

KC Johnson (on his blog, how awesome) reports that Joe Smith is doubtful for tomorrow's preseason opener with old man knees. Ben Gordon (ankle) and Thabo Sefolosha (hamstring) get the 'wait and see' label. Justin Cage got waived, so we won't be seeing him either.

KC's more excited to see Joakim Noah anyway, as am I.

Speaking of Noah, brother-site GoldenStateofMind passed along to me this praise of Noah from's Jonathan Givony:

I think the Warriors are going to rue the day they passed up on Joakim Noah for Brandan Wright. There is no question in my mind that Noah was the best fit. None at all. I spoke to someone in the Bulls front office this week (just to catch up, not for an article), and he was effusive in his praise of Noah, saying how far ahead he is of other rookies they've had in the past. Not sure if that was a jab at Tyrus Thomas or not, but that's a pretty big compliment considering the type of rookies they've had in the past few years (Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Nocioni come to mind).

Perhaps Givony and Sam Smith have the same rolodex.

The game (which is against the Bucks in LaCrosse, WI) will be on at 7:30 central live on ComcastSportsNet.

And to pass the time idly waiting for tipoff, I made a major update to my links section over the weekend. So go down the right sidebar and check out the new sites. Email me with any mistakes, omissions, or should-be omissions.

In closing...remember the tenets of preseason.