Bulls and Lakers talking daily about Kobe!

ESPN's Chris Sheridan reports the Bulls and Lakers are talking about Kobe on a daily basis.

The article states that the Lakers asking price is for Deng, Gordon, Thomas and Noah. But Bryant is telling them he ain't going to Chicago if that's what the Bulls gave up knowing he would be in the exact situation he is now.

Also stated is that Bryant pretty much has the Bulls as his number 1 destination preference.

I'm sad to read that the Bulls also have said that reports saying Deng would not be included in any trade have been overstated.

So there ya have it. Apparently this is some real hardcore stuff if they're talking daily. This may very well happen sooner than we thought it would.  Paxson is not a dummy as we very well know so I'm going to assume Pax does nothing to dimantle any hopes of a title coming to Chicago soon by giving up too much.

These are the kinda stories that were being written about Garnett going to Boston just a few months ago and we all know how that ended up.

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