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Ankles be rollin'

Update: injury report (from The Score): Wallace and Tyrus should be O.K., Noah may not make opener.

Right now the reports are quite vague on each of the Bulls big men who rolled their ankles last night (Wallace, Thomas, and Noah): The team doesn't "believe any of the injuries are serious, but there is not yet a timetable for anyone's recovery."

The season doesn't start until next Wednesday, so I'll be optimistic. Nocioni already was scratched in that game for another leg injury, so it's a rough way to end the preseason.

It's too bad, because on the court the team looked good last night. I'm very excited for yet another year of Deng/Gordon/Hinrich. Unsurprisingly for players not yet in their prime: they just look better. And Joe Smith had his best performance.

And to wrap up Grayte, Skiles had a good game, keeping the rotation tight and sensible when everyone (sans Noc) was available. If Wallace is indeed out, I'd imagine Smith would get the start. That's still not an ideal scenario, obviously, so lets just hope these sprains aren't too bad.