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Preseason open thread: Bulls at Mavericks

That's right, PRESEASON.

160 comments of Aaron Gray talk and I'm convinced that half of you are at best overthinking things and at worst insane. I'm a little crazy myself for taking Skiles at his word and overreacting in the first place, but I have a lot of lingering psychological issues over Chris Duhon that's difficult to overcome.

But it was a fun day, anyway. all comes down to this. If Aaron Gray takes the ball and deftly lays it in during the first posession, shriek with delight and call me names. Apparently that's all it takes to get impressed with a new Bull: be tall and make a layup.

I'll still say it's preseason and the games don't count, none of this means anything, and Skiles is just yanking our collective chain to tick off Thomas and Noah and Smith and, heck, even Nocioni. Well played you combovered savant, got us good!

(I still say that if Gray's performance tonight matters in the least we're all in for a long couple months while Skiles 'figures things out'. guh.)