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back-to-back preseason recap-preview

Sort of half-watched the game, and it was pretty abysmal. Wallace was held out, Deng (mildly I hope) hurt his wrist early, and Gordon's still out. So you get lineups like Hinrich-Curry-Khryapa-Thomas-Noah, and thus lots of turnovers. Noah did his best Tyson Chandler impression, which was scary to see. Hopefully it was just a bad outing because I thought he had been doing a good job catching and finishing strong.

Tyrus also looked shaky at points, especially in a stretch guarding Andrea Bargnani where he was consistently baited into fouls or getting caught off balance. Ryan McNeill of was credentialed at the game and kindly passed along to me this postgame quote from Tyrus:

"He is a tough assignment you have got to try and stop him from getting going because he is such a great shooter. He is just a tough assignment, but we have to do it when the regular season comes, so we have to get it done."

Ryan also gave me this from Skiles:

"We just didn't show up tonight in any real shape or form. I thought it was the most unprofessional we've looked so far. We were totally disorganized and the effort was poor. Basically everything we did was losing-type basketball which is something we don't normally do so back to the drawing board."

Eh, it's not as much losing-type basketball as it is just preseason basketball. But hopefully things at least look better tonight against the Pacers. Since it's a back-to-back I don't know how many real lineups will be seeing. Preseason is for Aaron Gray, not for me.