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Preseason game thread #3: Bulls vs Wiz

A.K.A. Gilbert Arenas' worst nightmare.

Word from the radio is that Gordon is out but Joe Smith will play. I'm expecting an update from KC Johnson sooner or later, and that's what he gets for doing a good blogging job thus far: raised expectiations. If you want to know which Wizards will suit up I'd check here for the latest information.

It's tough to take these games seriously if Jason Gardner [er...Thomas Gardner. -ed] keeps starting at the two, and the backup is Luol Deng. So I basically just watch for Tyrus and Noah to create havoc.

Technically this thread is 'open', but try and keep the Kobe stuff in this diary. I'm stubbornly refusing to get swept up in the whole thing, and instead just remembering that we have Pax and they have Mitch Kupchak, so any deal will likely turn out pretty good. For the Bulls, not Lakers. Kupchak has proven to be an idiot, that's that I'm trying to say.