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Quick evening link dump

  • Carnival of the NBA #15 is up at brother-site ClipsNation.
  • The Painted Area completely nails it in response to a Bill James quote from last week. I especially loved the part comparing the NBA Playoffs to the NCAA tournament. Go read it.
  • Looking for rust in the mighty (ya know, when they feel like it.) Pistons armor (they're really good when they feel like it, just ask 'em). Sheed is already abusing officials. Rip hurt is ankle

    Ok I'm grasping at straws with Rip, I just like knowing he's hurt. But the Rasheed stuff (combined with his frequent tiffs with Flip Saunders) will likely destroy that team sooner or later. Unfortunately last year it didn't happen until after they eliminated the Bulls.
  • The Bulls were crazy to give up J.R. Smith. Dumping talent like that is nuts.