Kobe Trade Updated

After i realized that getting Kobe Bryant could be a reality and not just a fantasy, i decided to get seious about this trade. If you have not read the yahoo post, the bulls will not give up deng, hinrich or wallace. So i think we should give up ben gordon, joakim noah, tyrus thomas, chris duhon, and our next 2 first round draft picks. For everyone who thinks this trade is crazy its not considering the celtics got kg for al jefferson and that is about it. The fact that he is the only one starting on the timberwolves of the traded players shows you that if a player wants out and he could walk out next season and you get nothing they will get less than they should. So my trade is not impossible. In return we get Kobe straight up. This would help the lakers rebuild with a bunch of young talent and it wouldnt leave us without any depth. If this trade happens our team would look like:

C: Ben Wallace backup: Aaron Gray
PF: Andres Nocioni backup: Joe Smith
SF: Luol Deng backup: Viktor Khryapa
SG: Kobe Bryant backup: Adrian Griffin
PG: Kirk Hinrich backup: Thabo Sefolosha

I know our second string doesnt look that good, but Sefolosha will backup at both sg and pg. And noc will play both pf and sf. And i would personally rather have joe smith backing up big ben. This in my opinion makes our only weakness if aaron gray is on the floor. We would have the best backcourt in the league by far. We would be a freakishly amazing defensive team, and kobe would spark our offense by drawing double teams.

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