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Game Thread #35: Bulls vs. Houston Rockets

Here's an idea for tonight: Skiles pulls Chris Duhon aside before the game and says...

 "ya know I love ya 'du', and the things you...'du', hahahaha. Sorry, where was I? oh, right: Tracy McGrady is going to maul us tonight if we don't have bigger guards out there. So Thabo and Griff are going to be getting a lot of burn"

I don't see it happening, but it's a valid strategy given both McGrady's history against the Bulls as well as his recent play since getting a magic back-eotemy, scoring over 30 in their last 5 games (with the Rockets going 4-1) and making up for the absence of Yao.

 I don't like giving the opponents a handicap to start the game, and especially with a still-gimpy Kirk Hinrich that's what may happen if McGrady starts out hot without Gordon there to at least match his scoring output. However, maybe they'll be able to get away with it and make the defensive lineup switches in the 4th quarter.

And it's not just a one-man team. Without being completely healthy all season the Rockets are still one of the top overall leaders in point differential,  fueled by the best defense in basketball. That's right, even ahead of San Antonio and our beloved Bull. How much of that will be missed without Yao is undetermined, but so far they're at least keeping pace with the bulk of the West.

At the Bulls' advantage is superior quickness at nearly every position. So if they're able to run the pace up against their plodding opponents, that can limit the effectiveness of whatever McGrady has me scared of tonight. This is an achievable yet impressive victory if the Bulls can get it.

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This is an open game thread, but closed to any BCS title game talk. Really now, college football should've ended last week, and I was hardly interested in the first place...