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No timetable for Ben Wallace's return

No exact word on how long Ben Wallace will be out after his knee was injured in Saturday's game, but the MRI results indicate it won't be a long-term absence. It was certainly a scary-looking injury, and unfortunately the kind that happens when you encourage flopping defense.

Team depth though isn't just to help out in your trade machine scenarios, it's supposed to help in the inevitable cases of injury. So this means more time for guys like Tyrus Thomas, who can just go out there and be told to do his Ben Wallace imitation (hopefully including not shooting). Prolific BlogABull commenter PaxsonJaxson looks over Wallace's short-term replacements on his blog (yes, he has his own Bulls blog! I consider it a spin-off), and like me doesn't think things will be so bad in Wallace's time out. Furthermore, hopefully the able-bodies behind him can allow Wallace (who had a couple great games this week) take his time in coming back.