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Game Thread #44: Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks

Are the Mavs the best team in the league? Between them and Phoenix, it's close. But the Spurs are just off that upper-echelon and the Bulls managed to beat them at home last week.

My Man Sam(tm) today went into the similarities between the Bulls and the Mavs, which basically went like: "uh, they match up favorably except for that Dirk guy".

But besides that (minor) roster difference, the two teams are also similar by being great defensive teams. Yes, the Mavs, the who despite what you hear from some lazy analysts, (and you may hear them tonight) are now not only a fine defensive team, but play at the 3rd slowest pace in the league.

Like that game against the Spurs, this is another game where the Bulls can try and use their athletes (and speaking of those athletes: Thabo has taken Duhon's minutes!) to gain an advantage and attempt to outrun their opponents. But like Sam says in the article, the Mavs (unlike perhaps the Spurs) are taking every game very seriously, and the Bulls may be in for a hurtin'. Hopefully they stay in the game so the whole TNT telecast isn't a 'don't the Bulls need Gasol' conversation. (not that they don't need Gasol, mind you ;-) )

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