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Trade talk brings out all the crazies

Alright, last post on Gasol for a while, promise. Unless, of course, there's more actual news.

But as the trade talk (which is deliriously fun, and I love it) has continued here over the past couple of days, more and more concessions are being made by Bulls fans out of eagerness to get Gasol. But like I said in my Gasol Manifesto, in my mind there's no point in doing the deal for Gasol if it means dealing Hinrich, Gordon, or Deng. It's just plugging one hole while opening another. And I have to disagree with many of you on this thread, keeping Nocioni (or Thomas, or Khryapa) would not properly mitigate the loss of Deng, who even as not the purest Small Forward (no 3-point range, not exceptionally quick) is still miles ahead of any of those guys at that position, who are all more suited at Power Forward. Think of all the dynamic wing players in the NBA, and then having a combination of Nocioni and Gordon guarding those positions each night. Likewise, losing Gordon would not be easily patched up by playing Thabo 40 minutes, nor (::gag::) playing either Noc or Deng at the two.

I realize that the discussion of dealing Deng or Gordon is only offered assuming that you wouldn't get Gasol for anything less. But if that truly is the case, forget the whole thing. Dealing them for Gasol may make the Bulls slightly better, but it wouldn't catapult them into another class of teams. As the team stands right now they can possibly win the East, and likely drilled from a Western Conference finals opponent. But I do think a team with Gasol along with Wallace/Deng/Gordon/Hinrich is not only a clear favorite to win the East, but at least a slightly scarier matchup for a potentially beat-up team coming out of the tough Western Conference playoffs. Getting Gasol at the expense of either Gordon or Deng? not the same.

Memphis is the party that's driving this process, it all depends how badly they want to trade Gasol (er, 'honor his request'). The Bulls should be comfortable offering Tyrus Thomas, but after that they would be essentially bidding against themselves, as I can't think of another interested party that would offer more.

The Bulls have the pick, the immediate cap relief, and young cheap players. Other disgruntled 'stars' like Iverson and Carter have gotten dealt for much much less. I doubt Memphis is as desperate to get rid of Gasol as was the case with the aforementioned two, and in fact if I were the Grizzlies I wouldn't even consider trading Gasol. But if they are only willing to deal him for Deng or Gordon, as reported (and also reported Deng AND Gordon), then such a deal may make the Bulls slightly better, but ultimately not worth it.