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Because, why would I rob you of reading my writings?

I recently corresponded with Dave, the new guy over at SBNation brother-site BlazersEdge, about the possibility of the Bulls trading for Zach Randolph (with PJ Brown and Sweetney/Duhon going to Portland). You can check out my full response (as well as those of other bloggers he polled) at his site.

I questioned the usual suspects regarding Randolph, namely his attitude and contract, as reasons the Bulls would stay away. And like I've theorized all summer, if Pax is going to deal for a max-salary (or close to it) player, it would only be one that could put them into title contention.

Dave's post was picked up by Eric Marentette's blog, and in the comments section of that post I kindof got taken to task:

The only comment I have on this, is questioning Zach's work ethic. It is known here in Portland, that his work ethic is never in question. Well, maybe once, slightly, last year, when he was rehabbing. Other then that, he is known to work hard in the offseason, and during the season in practice. So, this person questioning that, obviously missed hearing about it. Also, he did show willingness to play D last year, but still needs a lot of work.

I do remember reading/hearing Henry Abbott  defend Randolph's work ethic, citing when he first entered the league. But, at least from afar, it seems the type of situation where Randolph stopped trying so hard after getting that contract extension. And even before then he never looked in top physical condition. Maybe he just has that body type, or what he and the Blazers perceived as 'hard work' was really just an effort you should expect out of a professional. The Bulls expect more than that, or at least preach that way.