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Chandler finally getting it - five years too late?

ESPN Insider has an article by Chris Broussard, Not the Same Old Bull, which talks about Tyson Chandler's mission to jumpstart what's been a mediocre career so far. (The article will appear in the October 9 issue of ESPN the Magazine.) Here are some excerpts:

The man means business. His mediocre five-year career has left a bad taste. He's had enough of watching cats who used to look up to him -- guys not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as he was back in high school -- blow up while he's called a buster. So to all those waiting to see how the former man-child will blow it this time, he just wants to say: Hope you're not in any rush.

His back is fine, his head is clear and his aspirations are sky-high. Chandler is thinking something on the order of 15-plus points, 12 boards and two blocks a night.


Starting in June, Chandler worked out five days a week with his personal coach, Jerry DeGregorio, at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club, where he lifted, ran and shot for four and a half hours a day. He worked on jump hooks and sky hooks with both hands, and a turnaround J. He honed off-the-dribble moves, eliminated a nasty hitch in his jumper that had been there since a back injury two years ago, and stuck it out until he made at least 75 of 100 free throws every night. He hired a nutritionist and even slept in a room separate from his wife, Kim, and 5-month-old daughter, Sacha-Marie, so he'd be assured of a good night's sleep. "He worked as hard as any player I've ever seen," says DeGregorio, a former Clippers executive and assistant coach.

Apparently Tyson is even sporting a mohawk these days... Has Tyson really turned a corner or was 2004-05 as good as he's going to get?