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I feel like a teacher leaving his class to the substitute...

Dear readers, I am going to be on vacation from 9/15 to 10/2. It'll be a globetrotting adventure, so there will be some intermittent internet access but nothing regular.

So I'm leaving the site in the capable hands of TZ from Sactown Royalty, and long-time guestblogger Mike. As a fellow SBNation blogger, TZ knows the software, and he'll be keeping his watchful eye on diaries to promote. There's no edict on how few/many to 'bump', but I'm guessing if you post something quality you will soon see it on the front page.

But they are just overseers, this is pretty much a case of leaving the asylum to the inmates (and I mean that in a good way, I swear). I wouldn't ask my guest-hosts to do some of the comment policing I sometimes partake in (since it's a pain in the ass). So I'm expecting some self-policing here. I keep things loose here at BlogABull, but just follow a simple rule: keep it interesting. As in, not just interesting to two users having their own private chat or flamewar, but to a 3rd party reader. Granted, it's still the dead of winter in terms of the NBA calendar...

Alright, enough of the stern lecture, I just want you guys to be nice to Mike and TZ, as I greatly appreciate their willingness to help out. See you all in a couple weeks!


(man, I don't think I've ever been away from the blog this long, this may be tougher than I thought)