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Hi. Overseer #1 here.

Hi. My name is Tom. I've got a wife, two cats, and I run Sactown Royalty. One day, Matt said, "Hey Tom. Are you busy?" I said, "No." He said, "Can you push this button with your left hand?"

Along with Blog-a-Bull regular Mike, I'll be watching over the site the next couple weeks while the circus is at Matt's house, forcing a pre-preseason road trip. I'm going to do my best to stay out of the way and be a sort of unseen but still feared overlord. Just don't smite the good names of Kevin Martin, Brad Miller, or Vitaly Potapenko, and you'll be alright. Actually, do smite the name of Vitaly Potapenko. Smite to your heart's content.

Let's see: a Kings fan on a Bulls blog... what to say, what to say? Well, you're welcome for Bill Wennington. (Even though you regifted him in 2000. Classless bastards.) And thanks for letting us borrow Randy Brown for a few seasons. That was thoughtful.

Let's see...what else, what else? Well, there's the whole Ben Wallace-Ron Artest thing. That should be fun this season. For the record, I hope Ron-Ron shoves Ben-Ben at the end of a blowout very early in the season, causing Ben-Ben to make a stupid mistake and fly off the deep end and get suspended for 70 games. Just for "balance of the universe" reasons, really. Nothing against the fine people of Chicago. Honest.

Anyways, yeah. Play nice, write awesome diaries, please don't throw tomatoes at the interim caretaker. If there are any urgent issues that need resolution, e-mail me. If there are less-than-urgent issues, Matt will be back soon.

Otherwise, do what you would normally do. As long as what you normally do doesn't involve taking your pants off. So, rather, do what you would normally do, but please don't take your pants off in the process. There.