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Self-promoting link dump

  • Big thanks to (friend of Kelly Dwyer at for asking me to participate in his series of interviews with NBA bloggers. Yours truly is the first. I thought I'd have to post the unabridged version here, but amazingly it is pretty much unedited, even my stupidly obvious jokes.
  • Meanwhile, SBNation colleague SactownRoyalty interviews the correct (heh) way, meaning: blogger asking questions of the real journalist.
  •  Golden State of Mind has all things USA/China, and as self-professed masters of hype they are very excited (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) over potential 2007 lottery pick Yi Jianlian.
  • You may have noticed that there is a new hoops blog on the network, MavsMoneyball. Formerly, this is a great blog and a welcome addition. Where else can you get a retrospective on Mavs draft bust Pavel Podkolzin? There should be more additions in the future, so keep your eyes on the right sidebar for more NBA blogs. I promise to update this site's blogroll soon, the hoops blogosphere is expanding far too quickly to keep up.
  • Motoring has a quick roundup of some under-the-radar transactions over the past few days.
  • I did not provide the obligatory 'schedule release post' last week. But in the meantime a TrueHoop reader did the dirty work and tabulated all the national TV appearances for each team. Congrats to you out-of-town Bulls fans, as you can now watch your team on national TV (including NBATV, which the term 'national' is kindof pushing it) 30 times this year. A huge upgrade over the past couple seasons, I guess it can be interpreted as an official 'welcome back to the big time' from the NBA. MightyMJD thinks it's a bit much, but acknowledges that he personally likes the Bulls style of play, an opinion I think a lot of people around the country will share. And I'll personally enjoy not having to listen to the local telecast.