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Link dump

  • Super Special Update Link!: Carnival of the NBA #35 is up at Bench Renaldo.
  • Raptorblog is doing a little season preview for each team leading up to the season, and Monday has his take on the Bulls. There are a healthy amount of comments to go through as well.
  • For those who were a part of the discussion recently (here and here) stemming from Robert McChesney's online column regarding the correlation of 'superstars' and championships, you may want to check out this week's edition of CelticsStuffLive, as he was the guest.
  •  And if you're really scrounging for Bulls conversation, this diary discusses who will take the final roster spot, suggesting Antonio Davis. I personally think AD is done, but I realize a veteran in that role would be better than Luke freaking Schencher. The other possibility for that final spot would be an emergency point guard if the team doesn't think Sefolosha (or -eek- Gordon) can handle the task. Summer league attendee Aaron Miles looks like the likely candidate for that role.