AD??? (depth chart talk)

[this kindof got buried among FIBA threads, so I bumped it up a bit in the list -Matt]

"Former Indiana Pacers forward Antonio Davis is said to have interest in playing for the team again. The Pacers have interest in him.
They haven't talked directly, however, and his plans remain uncertain.
Al Harrington, who as a rookie with the Pacers in 1999 lived with Davis' family, talked with Davis about his future when they both attended Reggie Miller's jersey retirement ceremony in March.
"He's still interested," Harrington said Thursday. "He mentioned Chicago and the Pacers, but said he'd rather play here."" turn/

I think we could use another low poster and it will be great to have him because he's tough and brings more defense at the PF position. Of course there is the other option of getting Miles but I've heard the dissapproval of that idea already. So it's pretty much Schencher or AD  or just leavin the last spot open. I know everybody thinks he will only be here for veteran leadership, but he could really help our post offense (or lack there of) and we would have the most baddass front court in the league. AD and Wallace would scare the opposing team off the court.

Your thoughts?

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