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Pargo to Europe?

UPDATE(08/04): Pargo has reportedly signed with the Hornets.

Ira Winderman is reporting that Jannero Pargo is leaning towards playing overseas next season. Can't say I blame him, he's unlikely to get anything more than the minimum no matter where he signs, and is likely to get more (and most importantly, guaranteed money) going to Greece or wherever.

TrueHoop is noticing the trend:

Euroleague and the NBA are competing hardcore for talent. It's like the ABA vs. the NBA days.

While losing the likes of Jannero Pargo and Alex Acker from the ends of NBA benches is marginal (there have been higher-profile defections like 2005 Orlando lottery pick Fran Vasquez), I do see the trend continuing. The Euroleague clubs are offering money and playing time that NBA squads won't, and it's likely that their development as players will be better fostered in the Euroleague than the D-League anyway.

I'm still waiting for when some OJ Mayo-type decides to thumb his nose at David Stern and the NCAA (and even a couple years of high school) to get some coin overseas