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Wallace signs with Bulls

Chad Ford:

A league source told Monday night that Wallace has told the Pistons he has accepted an offer from the Chicago Bulls.

While exact details are unavailable, the offer is thought to be a four-year, $52 million dollar deal.

Wow. Pax gets his man.

My first impressions are this:

1) This cripples Detroit. They've been clearing cap space for years letting guys like Okur, Milicic, and Arroyo go in Free Agency to sign Wallace, and not only do they lose him they are are capped out and need their exemptions to get his replacement.

2)Considering Nene just got 6/$60m, 4/$52 for Wallace is not all bad. I'd rather have 3 years instead of 4, but  at least it's not a 5 year deal that caused Ben to jump. Methinks he really wanted out of Detroit more than we thought, this is not substantially more than they were offering him to stay.

3)Let the Tyson Chandler trade rumors begin. I think it's a bad move to just do a salary dump. I'd rather keep him for a year and see if this season re-invigorates his career. I'm thankful he was not sent back to Detroit in a sign/trade, that would've been a mistake.

4)Just once, throw out a Thomas, Chandler, Wallace frontcourt. Maybe give the first few rows helmets to protect themselves for all the blocked shots headed into the stands. :)  

5)Thank god tommorow is a holiday. I'll have more on this then.