We've signed Adrian Griffin? (update: JR Smith dealt)

UPDATE: Monday morning's Trib is reporting that as a precursor to the Griffin signing, J.R. Smith will be dealt to the Nuggets for two second round picks and the corpse of Howard Eisley (who has a non-guaranteed contract and will be waived with no cap repurcussions). So much for the J.R. Smith project. -Matt

[From the Diaries. Well this is certainly bizarre. There are few details on the contract, but the Bulls had their full MLE left to give. Here's hoping it's not 3 guaranteed years and more than a couple million per. But since he's leaving Dallas for this contract, I fear it'll be sizeable. I my opinion guys like Adrian Griffin are pretty replaceable...I suppose we can consider this Sefolosha insurance. -Matt]

I just read the Sportspyder link from the Dallas Morning News...

I'm wondering how much money was in this 3 year deal, hoping it's not too much.  I know Pax was trying to get another veteran, but I think I was expecting something else...  a little more oomph for our scoring or somebody in the post...

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