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Happy 3-year Blogiversary!

I tried to find the dumbest picture possible, and I believe I succeeded

Recently I completed my 3rd year blogging the Bulls. I think 3 years equals roughly 55 in blog years, so just the fact that I haven't hit the dreaded blogger burnout is a feat in itself.

I have to say, the move to at SBNation from the old Bulls Blog this past September has helped keep the site fresh and relevant. The community aspect of the site allows you guys to have more of a voice through the diaries and threaded comments, and following the Bulls here has become more of a group effort as a result.  And to all the readers out there, whether you've been here since the beginning or are part of the huge traffic boost the site's experienced this crazy offseason, I hope this blog continues to provide a place where intelligent Bulls and NBA fans can convene and converse.

And thanks to my fellow bloggers who I've come to know even more of as the hoops blogosphere has expanded. For the email conversations, the encouragement and suggestions, but mostly those sweet sweet links. I would've never bothered with starting and maintaining the Carnival of the NBA if I didn't think people needed to be exposed to the great work that goes on out there, the writing that keeps me trying to raise my game.

So here's to another year, with this coming season likely the best one yet to cover. In reality, it's the fun in talking about this Bulls team that keeps this site going. I highly doubt things would be so lively if I was still debating topics like whether the Bulls should sign Ira Newble.

Oh yeah, if you want to talk Bulls summer league, this diary has been keeping up via the free webcasts.