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Dan Wetzel has rained on my parade

And I've let him, because I think he has a point:

1. LeBron James. 2. Dwyane Wade. 3. Dwight Howard.

You know how they are always talking about windows for sports teams - as in the window to win a championship is about to close? Well, in the Eastern Conference at least, everyone who doesn't have James, Wade or Howard (Cleveland, Miami, Orlando, respectively) is about to have their window close; if not next season, then certainly by 2008-09 and beyond.

James, 21, Wade, 24, and Howard, 20, are not just three good young players with bright futures. They are generational basketball talents, guys so good, so determined, so clutch that it is impossible not to envision them dominating the NBA (and certainly the East) for years and years to come.

It's true, the window opened by upgrading from Tyson Chandler to Ben Wallace may not be open for very long. While that move did put the Bulls in a higher tier in the East, I don't think anyone's optimistic enough to say it's a championship-level. They're still one move away.

The deal of Chandler was, after all, a salary dump. Which indicates that whether it's before the season starts or at the trade deadline, Pax isn't done. He'll have a multitude of expiring contracts and young assets to work with. And hopefully the move isn't done too late and the Bulls become one of those very good teams that get bounced in the playoffs every year. Think of every good team Jordan's Bulls demoralized along the way.

Of course, there is the slight chance that Tyrus Thomas becomes a impact-level talent quickly, but if not, it's hard to see the sense in keeping the team's timeline straddling the line between Wallace's decline and Thomas' ascension. And since the money's been paid to Ben, Paxson has declared this a win-now situation. So if Thomas isn't established early as a definite keeper (maybe the future LeBron-stopper?), if he's the centerpiece of a trade package to get another top talent, it makes sense to go for it. Bring this squad from merely better to championship caliber.