Pax talks with Patterson

[From the Diaries, this is a good find. I bet the 'counting down his fingers' was actually Pax telling tales from Game 6 of the '93 Finals. -Matt]

The Oregonian has a reporter at the pre-draft camp (The Sun-Times is sending Hanley later this week) and has a story mentioning Paxson and Patterson meeting for over 30 minutes:

Shortly after the meeting with Colangelo, Patterson and director of player personnel Kevin Pritchard met with Chicago Bulls general manager John Paxson, who holds the No. 2 overall pick. As the arena was cleared to hold private workouts, the three met for more than 30 minutes while sitting courtside.

During the conversation, Paxson was the most demonstrative, several times holding out his hand and counting down his fingers. At least one time during this process, Paxson could be seen mouthing the word, "Roy," presumably Washington guard Brandon Roy, who is expected to be a top-five pick.

Let the rumors start.

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