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Link dump

  • Have to start off with Carnival of the NBA #29, which is up at the newly-redesigned Page 4 Hoop. If you want to keep track of prior and upcoming editions of the carnival, head over to
  • TrueHoop has reaction to the Sam Smith story I posted earlier (which reported that Brandon Roy is now the Bulls' guy), sensing smokescreen. Earlier in the week there was a post about Tyrus Thomas, reminding us that there were other basketball games played last season by Thomas than the couple of standout tourney efforts.
  •  Roy, know what's coming next: a profile on LaMarcus Aldridge.
  • has a handy roundup of mock drafts from around the web.
  • is a blog I just recently got directed to, and over there they have a synopsis of the international players in this year's draft.
  • Quick plug for Brian over at YAYSports, who is looking to the awesome power of the NBA blogosphere to help finance his movie project, 'Who Shot Mamba?'. The blogosphere has not achieved full awesomeness though, and there is still time to donate. Just a couple bucks (you can use paypal or credit card), and you'll help provide for what will undoubtedly be a hilarious NBA-themed film on the web.
  • And a plug for this place: register! I know you sit there reading my inane and baseless speculation about Pax seeing stars when watching a Tyrus Thomas workout, and want to leave a nasty comment. But you don't have a username so you say forget it. Well register now and then you'll be armed and ready.
  •  Bonus site information: Did you know that the Diaries have an RSS feed? There's always good stuff over there, and it's been damned active lately, so if you only view sites through your feedreader you can add the BlogABull diaries to your list.