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Chicago has 'inside track' on Przybilla

From Blazers reporter Jason Quick:

Had a phone conversation with Joel Przybilla today from his Milwaukee, Wisc. home. Won't get too much into what was said, you'll have to wait for a story in Saturday's editions of The Oregonian, but after I hung up, I couldn't help but think we've seen the last of Przybilla in a Blazers uniform.

As you all know, Przybilla becomes a free agent on Saturday, and the most the Blazers can offer him is the mid-level exception (about $5.3 million a year). Five other teams - Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Utah and Charlotte [Aren't the Hornets under the cap also? -Matt] - are under the cap and can offer him more.

Already today, I had a conversation with a Chicago Tribune reporter looking for background on Przybilla. The Bulls, the reporter said, are expected to be hot and heavy in their pursuit of Przybilla.


He said he noticed how much fun the players had in those games, and how much fun he had watching them. He said he wants to be a part of that. Chicago, by the way, was the only team under the cap that made the playoffs. And his wife, and Joel for that matter, are from the Midwest.

Just seems more and more that Chicago has the inside track here. And combine that with Joel's softening on his devotion to Portland and I just don't get a good feel.

It's good to see that the Bulls are shaping up to be the big free agent destination for guys like Przybilla and Mohammed. I'd still rather find one that has some post-up offensive game to complement Chandler instead of duplicate him.