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Instant Bulls draft analysis

You know what? Draft analysis merely hours after the picks is completely absurd.

Here's how everyone's draft grades will go: If someone takes a player higher than they were projected, they get a bad grade. If they get someone lower than they were projected, the get a good grade.

The actual draft position hardly matters, especially when the difference is only a couple slots, for instance the Bulls trading down from #2 to #4, or up from #16 to #13. The key thing is if the Bulls got the guys they wanted. And I think they did.

They wanted Thomas all along, and they wanted Sefolosha. Thomas may not be the exact fit, but I trust in Pax. I take it as a bonus that they were able to get Viktor Khryapa, who may be not be much, but at the very least can replace Piatkowski (started 53 games last year, so he can at least play) and has an expiring contract. He's the last guy I figured I'd need to scout tonight, but in the coming weeks we'll know more. I'm guessing he's worth more than either of the future 2 second-rounders the Bulls gave up tonight (one to Portland, one to Philly).

So put away your draft report cards for a couple years. Nobody knows yet how Thomas and Sefolosha will fit with this team, and if Thomas will actually reach his star potential. Aldridge was my guy, but what the hell do I know. It's clear Pax got the guys he wanted, and for now that means his draft grade is an A.