So Long Songaila (maybe)

Nice article from the Herald: a little Free-Agency; a little draft.  

Looks like it could be Chao Bella for Darius.  Of course, the article leaves open the option of signing him but I'm worried that the bidding might overtake his value.  I will probably be in the minority, but the only time Darius impressed me was when I saw him make a decent play and thought to myself "not bad for 2.6 a year".  The true joy was reveling in how much of a bad ass "Slow-Hand" Pax is.  It's oddly rewarding to think, our GM kicks ass.  Probably has something to due with Krumbs being gone.

Some other notables from the article:

This one, because I'm a dick and love to trumpet my prognostications incessantly...

One rumor regarding the No. 16 pick is a swap with Dallas for swingman Marquis Daniels.
That trade seems too good to be true.  But I still like to make myself seem all brainy and shit.  Like Miss Cleo or something.. ...except, you know, without the "Miss".

And from the NOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!! files...

The Boston trade sounds like a stretch, considering Duhon is a part-time player coming off back surgery. The Celtics would have to give back a similar salary in such a trade, most likely Brian Scalabrine or Dan Dickau.
No f^cking way I go for that trade.  That has to be some candyass leak from Boston.  That's as bad as half the trade "rumors" that get floated by the NY Post.  

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