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Draft outing announcement (plus other things)

Alright, first the big announcement: the 2006 NBA Draft outing is official.

The place will be Kincaide's in Lincoln Park. (If it turns out to be a dud, blame Jobu.) There will be dollar bottles and bar food, and while I didn't bother renting any space out, it should be easy to carve out a corner for NBAdraft-heads. Email me if you are planning on attending, and/or if there are any questions.  The draft is Wednesday 6/28 at 6pm local time. (Unlike most big sporting events on TV, per my memory the draft actually does get cracking pretty soon after the scheduled start, so definitely try and get there by 6.)

Here is a google-mapping of the place, and it is right off the Armitage stop of the Purple and Brown lines. Hope everyone who's in town can make it, it should be a fun time, and I look forward to meeting the readers.  

On to web matters:

  • Carnival of the NBA #30 has been posted by Scott over at As always, for the most up to date carnival information head to the Carnival of the NBA's page at, which can always be found on the right hand sidebar of this blog.
  •  Mike McGraw of the Herald had a draft column up Monday, with the Bulls said to be choosing between Thomas and Roy (apparently only players who have last names that sound like first names). There is also news on possible draftees Ronnie Brewer and Thabo Sefolosha, along with trade speculation concerning Lamar Odom and Jermaine O'Neal. (hat tip to Celticsblog)
  • Could this guy be a cheap option as the 'M2GwcDaS'? Ok, the 'and Shoot' part of that acronym may not apply in this case, but still...
  • Two posts about 'my guy' LaMarcus Aldridge from those covering teams with top-5 picks: the Raptors and Blazers. The latter has the following juicy tidbit:
    Tyrus Thomas of LSU pulled out of his solo workout for the Blazers that had been scheduled for Tuesday. Art Sasse, Blazers vice president of communication, said Thomas' agent informed the Blazers that a team with a higher pick had promised it would select Thomas. Speculation is that Chicago is the team that has targeted Thomas.
    It also says that Bargnani is not scheduled to work out for any team, which makes me want to think he's definitely going to Toronto.
  • Interesting diary posted recently regarding the NBA pre-draft camp athletic tests. I have little idea what to make of the information though.
  • And lastly, if you can't read enough mock drafts, try checking out some efforts by bloggers: here, here, and here. If you want your mock drafts delivered to you through the magic of podcasting, Killer Crossover is compiling a massive draft show with an entire first round mock, delivered in 5-pick installments. Yours truly will be announcing/explaining the Bulls two selections.