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I remember when Dime Mag cost a dime

Thanks to Dime Magazine for mentioning in their summer issue. Especially among other great blogs like RaptorBlogCelticsBlog, and TrueHoop. Just a small blurb, but I'll take it:

What this site may lack in a ton of "extras", it makes up for in solid basketball analysis of the Chi's favorite team. One really cool thing we saw on BlogABull was an ongoing tournament to determine the best sneaker ad of the year. So whether you prefer LeBron's "Pass the Butter" Nike spot or T-Mac's "Folklore" adidas commercial, place your vote and see who comes out on top. And we loved the PhotoShop shot of an actual bull sitting in front of a laptop.

Since it was TZ who came up with the Sneaker Ad tournament, I'll accept this acknowledgement on behalf of the SBNation basketball network. And also on behalf of the guy who created that logo. And you guys who keep the site active and popular.

They mailed me a box of free issues, so maybe I'll bring em to the draft outing (which I haven't forgot about, there will be an announcement soon).