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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Link dump

After hanging up my framed picture of Scott Skiles (ala that Applebees commercial), I decided to clean out the ole RSS reader:

  • The trade speculation has begun among teams recently bounced from the playoffs. Laker blog Show Time has a trade scenario bringing a former Bulls draft pick back to Chicago:
    After seeing what Kwame is capable of at the center position, Mihm's become the most likely laker to be traded this off season. Mitch Kupchak should shop him hard, along with our first round pick (26th), to bring in a PG like Chris Duhon.
    I'm sold. Mihm is due to make 4.2 Million for '06-'07 (the last year of his contract). That is a bargain compared to what a free agent with his skillset would cost. JonesontheNBA suggests the Lakers go after Ben Gordon with a similar package, which obviously wouldn't be enough to get it done.
  • One big man likely on the block is the rapidly fading Jamaal Magloire. Maybe even getting only a future 2nd rounder would be worth Milwaukee being able to fully dump the last year of Magloire's salary? I wouldn't go as far as to offer a first-rounder, except maybe that pick from the Lakers coming in the above fictional Duhon deal :-)
  •  has a pretty comprehensive list of the restricted and unrestricted free agents. (via Celticsblog)
  • The Sports Economist wonders aloud why the lack of competitive balance (at least in terms of titles) doesn't seem to hurt the NBA in attendance, yet is constantly bemoaned by other sports leagues as a problem. I figure the NBA fans out there appreciate dominance and excellence, rather than look at a sea of mediocrity like the NFL. The journey to an NBA championship is not easy, especially when put into these terms: if you aren't a fan of the Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Pistons, Celtics, Sixers or Lakers you haven't seen your team win a title since the 1979. 
  • Whether or not you agree with this year's MVP vote, MJD is right: 22 voters should never get a ballot again.
  • Also from the weekend Deadspin editor is the idea of comparing the Bulls to 'Night Court'. Read the whole thing it'll make a bit more sense.
  • And finally, Basketbawful puts Bulls fans thoughts on the screen for all: "Seven Reasons I Love These Bulls"