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Season post-mortem

Well the Bulls laid an absolute egg.

After watching this great stretch run and beginning of this playoff series you almost thought games like this were a thing of the past.

So this is the end of the '05-'06 season. The Bulls have shown us something, but obviously to make the next step some changes will have to be made. It's Paxson time.

For the weekend, lets have one last talk about the season that was. I'm sure soon enough it'll devolve (or evolve I suppose is the better term) into lottery and free agency talk. But what have we exactly learned in this stretch run? Anybody establish themselves as a definate keeper? Anybody deemed expendable? Will they get better or are we going to be one of those first-round exits every year now?

And this goes without saying: BlogABull will have a hell of a summer covering what could turn out to be the most important offseason in years. So don't  think just because the games are over the blogging is as well.

To a fun year, and an even better offseason.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mike for getting TNT's 'goin fishin' picture.