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2006 NBA Draft outing (?)

After nearly 3 years of blogging, I think its high time we have a real-life gettogether, where we can all gather 'round and be weirded out when the people behind the usernames look different than we assumed.

What a better time to finally do this than this year's draft. The Bulls will have two picks, one being a top five selection, and even if they had no picks the draft is always a fun time.

This outing idea is still merely speculation, but I'm looking for help first in determining how many are interested, and of those people who wants to help organize this. It's meant to be pretty informal, but if there is a lot of interest there may be some work involved. Two quick criteria that I can think of right away: First, that it is a bar. My apologies to any underaged readers, but it seems appropriate. And also that it's held in Chicago and is El accessible. 

The details will be worked out better once I know who's interested, so please send me an email if you think you can make it. The Draft is Wednesday June 28th at 6pm Central.