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Game Thread #76: Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers are gutless, don't care, can't defend to save their playoff lives, and have a coach who I doubt inspires much of anything to change that.

With everything to play for, Philly lost last night at home to Boston. Indiana(to the Knicks!) and Milwaukee lost as well, which is as nice of a result the Bulls could've hoped for on an idle Friday night. Well...except the Knicks may have cost themselves a few ping-pong balls. eh.

So the Bulls have a chance to go up 2 games on Philly, which should mean the Sixers will be desperate and ready to go tonight. But they needed last night's game too, and lost at home to lottery-bound Boston. So on a back-to-back, coming into the United Center, maybe the Sixers are ready to roll over and die. The Bulls had a couple days off to rest injuries to Hinrich, Gordon, and Allen, and I'm getting the feeling that this is the night the Bulls take that playoff spot for good.