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Bulls/Pacers afterthoughts

  • Dear Ben Gordon, I'm sorry I said all those awful things about you all game, but you were playing terribly.  Maybe you forgot to set your clock for daylight savings and your game showed up an hour late? Way to take us back to '05 with that 4th quarter bonanza, and happy birthday.
  • Mike Sweetney was fouling like... Mike Sweetney. But he did have some baskets in the 4th. But what's with that running hook across the lane? Did that work once?
  • I've always liked Jeff Foster's game, he is an offensive rebounding machine.
  • I thought those Lithuanian fans would be a pain in the ass (I was sitting in a sea of red/yellow/green), but they were cheering for the Bulls except when Sarunas Jasikevicius was in the game, which is understandable. Besides it was nice having Jasikevicius in the game, since he doesn't play any defense.
  • Oh, and stop throwing paper airplanes out on the court.
  • You 'quick change' fans, I hope you were happy.
  • My quote, with the Bulls down double digits in the fourth: "Indiana is not the type of team who will blow this lead. They are a veteran group with a great coach". Couple that with the many "I'm so sick of Ben Gordon", "Ben Gordon Sucks", "Ben needs to get his head out of his ass", etc....I was happy to be proven wrong, needless to say. In my defense though, I don't know how you could watch those 2nd and 3rd quarters and not be incredibly frustrated.
  • Kudos to Skiles, who predictably benched Gordon after his abysmal start, but wasn't too stubborn to the point of keeping him there. And with a lead slipping away, didn't empty the bench in search of some crazy lineup combination, which meant limited Pargo time.
  • Tyson Chandler was 4-5 from the field and 3-5 from the line. And showed his usual defensive mastery in the 4th.
  • I do think Jermaine O'Neal was hurting near the end, as they were running far more plays for Stephen Jackson than him. Jackson was his usual misguided self, not playing defense on a play in the first just to yell at the refs (and get a technical). I read recently that the Pacers believe that when fully healthy they can contend with the Pistons and Heat. Getting outscored 31-15 in the 4th quarter makes me think not.
  • Sixers lost, so a half game out before the 'showdown' tomorrow in Philly.
  • Nocioni!