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Game Thread #74: Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers

Those damned Knicks can't do anything right. While the Bulls rebounded from that depressingly unnecessary home loss to the Magic by winning their next two, the Sixers failed to lose ground by beat the sorry-ass Knicks a couple times.

So still being 1.5 games back, and with tonight's game against the Pacers followed by a home and home against their immediate rivals, the Bulls have been in unison declaring this to be the biggest week of the season. 

So, lets hope they play like it. The Pacers are far from sewing up a playoff spot of their own, currently in the 7th spot only a game above the Sixers. They're only 3-7 in their last 10, and while they're starting to get their usual lineup back (aint that always the case with Indiana) it's obviously been a rough process.

For tonight, Jackson and Pollard are listed as questionable. I'm listed as definite for being at the United Center tonight, so commence the playoff 'push'! Please?