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Things to do to get ready for the playoffs

  1. Keep up with the news, using the new feed on the left sidebar. I've been impressed so far, they not only get news from the Chicago papers, but also find Bulls-related articles from around the web. Great new resource for the SBNation blogs.
  2. REGISTER at! You want to talk playoffs, have something to say, but you aren't registered. Then you figure 'eh', and not say anything. So register now, and then when you get that brilliant Bulls thought you can leave a comment or start a diary. All it takes is an email address, and you won't be spammed. (You can even make a one-time-use free email account, and then never use it again). So create an account, top-right corner of the page.
  3. Sometime Friday the latest Basketball Jones podcast will be posted, and I will be on for a short segment to babble incessently (at least it seemed that way when I was doing it) about the Bulls playoff chances.  I'll get better at these podcast interviews eventually, just gotta remember....soundbites! They are doing interviews with bloggers covering all the playoff teams, so it'll be worth checking out.