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Playoff race link dump

Lots of stuff backed up in the ole' feed reader:

  • First thing: Carnival of the NBA #26 is up at The Basketball Jones. It's a quality edition, and well worth the long wait since the previous edition(I'm gonna try and get these happening more often). As always, you can keep track of the carnival's stops by checking out the box on the right sidebar.
  • The Bulls win over the Nets have their followers wondering why the Nets have a tough time against the Bulls:
    The Bulls have some of the stuff that make them a formidable matchup: lots of speedy guards, a fantastic pick-and-roll guy in Hinrich, a hybrid whose intensity cannot be matched (Nocioni sono buoni), and a guy who can challenge shots at the rim.
    Funny how one man's 'speedy' guards are another's 'undersized'. Perhaps the Bulls would be a pesky playoff opponent for the Heat as well? Hey, anything but the Pistons sounds alright to me.
  • And with the Atlanta game, I guess there's only one word to describe it: scrappy.
  • Friend of Kelly Dwyer uses his NBA league pass experience for good and rates the announcers around the league. Dore and Kerr get a C+, and that's with the hometown bias in effect. Add in the games when Wayne Larivee does the play-by-play and that grade has to be even lower in my book. I love Red and he can have the job as long as he wants it, but maybe its time to at least ease the workload...either a 3rd man in the booth or scaling back Red's games. All-around its not a first-class broadcast to say the least. (via Sactown Royalty)  
  • Sure, following an inconsistent team like the Bulls can be maddening, but we're not alone. Check out recent frustrations by a Bucks and Wizards blogger.
  • Eric Marentette's Blazers Blog has a handy link explaining the way identical season records are handled by the draft lottery process.
  • Some big D-League news, as they've lowered their age minimum to 18, allowing the next high school stud to forget pretending to be a student and get right to job training. And you know Sports Law Blog is all over it.
    Perhaps because they would rather make money for themselves and their families than for the NCAA/CBS/ESPN/Nike/videogame companies etc. which profit considerably from college hoops.

  • My Man Sam(tm) has his weekly Q&A posted, and continues to push the idea of going after Jason Richardson in the offseason.
    I like Richardson and would take a shot at him. I'd give up both No. 1's without question. I know he's never made the playoffs, but he hasn't really been coached in the NBA. I think he'd be great with Skiles because he was yelled at plenty at Michigan State by Tom Izzo. You don't win with kids. It takes a long time to go anywhere. The Bulls need a veteran and a scorer, and I'd love to get a shot at Richardson. I think with some guidance and pushing he's on the verge of superstardom.
    I really like this idea. Even though the Bulls can't give up both #1s this year, they can put together a nice package for the Warriors, plus offer to take on one of their other cap-killing contracts.
  • And finally, the best description of this year's Eastern Conference playoff race yet. (via Detroit Bad Boys)