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Game Thread #77: Bulls vs. New Jersey Nets

Scoreboard watching went 0-2 last night, both the Sixers and Pacers won.

And In case you didn't know, the Nets have been winning a lot lately since the Bulls last played them.

Luol Deng is sitting out tonight, not yet recovered from his weekend concussion. Damn you Piatkowski. Damn you Bulls for your tough practices making it possible for (arguably) your best player getting hurt. If you all treated practice like Allen Iverson (or Tim Thomas) does there'd be no issues.

This may not be pretty, the Nets have the type of athletic wings that only Luol Deng can help contain. There's going to be a lot of Hinrich and Nocioni on Carter and Jefferson, which makes me all twitchy.

What happened to my formerly optimistic self?!?

Pre/In/Post game comments go below.