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Saturday night suckfest maybe I was a little overzealous before Saturday night's game. At the time, I had no idea that Luol Deng was going to be in a suit. Not that the loss of Deng means they have to go out and get completely dominated by Philly, but it would've lowered expectations. Chris Webber was out as well, but he's such a liability on defense it may have actually helped the Sixers.

The Bulls had one of those games when they just completely laid an egg. I hate those games. Thanks are in order, however, to reader and frequent commenter 'Jobu' for his unwanted tickets (yes, I will accept gifts, just like a real journalist!). He must've had a premonition of the horrible game about to be played :-).

Way too much Pargo time, 27 minutes. Blech. I commended Skiles after the Indiana game for not going with a bunch of random lineups when the team got down, but maybe he thought things were so bad he had no choice. Too much Pargo, Basden, Othella, Schencher...... having Luol out there for his usual 30+ minutes would've kept these guys off the floor, which may be more valuable than just Luol's production in itself.

Get healthy, please. As the losses keep coming for everyone else, it would be nice to gain some ground instead of slipping right alongside them. Some scoreboard watching will be in order on Monday night, as Indiana is hosting the suddenly-not-so-terrible-it-makes-your-eyes-bleed Knicks, and Philly hosts the Wizards.

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