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Game Thread #60: Bulls vs. New Jersey Nets

The Nets have beaten the Bulls repeatedly over the past couple of years, with a few the typical Bulls standard 'tough losses' thrown in there.

I've long thought that the Nets play zero defense, with little interior presence outside of Jason Collins, and the defensively ambivalent Vince Carter. But it turns out they're actually quite average.

The Bulls can go at the Nets lack of depth tonight. They're on the dreaded back-to-back, losing last night in New Jersey, and are pretty weak outside of Kidd/Jefferson/Carter/Kristic. Maybe if Carter takes a night off (always a possibility) the Bulls guards can have a nice night. And where they go, the team goes.

This idea is not new, I grifted it off of a Nets fan:

Each member of the Big 3 has to bring his A-game every night (or at least two of them plus Krstic), and every last man has to defend like their lives depend on it to compensate for their shortcomings. Otherwise, this is what they are - an inconsistent, defensively challenged team with a short bench and a glaring lack of athleticism up front.

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Leave your comments below. I'll be in attendance tonight, lets hope for a show.