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2006 SBNation Air Jordan Invitational First Round: Jordan vs. Wade

In the good name of synergy (and old-timey fun through the final dredges of the NBA season), my NBA brother-sites at SBNation and I are holding this invitational tournament to decide the best sneaker ad of the year.

Oh, and since it's that time of year...brackets! (courtesy of TZ, who's the brains behind this whole operation):

I am hosting the first round match-up with a Chicago connection: Jordan versus Dwyane Wade.  You can watch the commercials below and vote in the poll on the right. (If you can't see the poll - I am having trouble seeing it with FireFox - use this link)

Michael Jordan (Nike) - "Baby Jordans"

Dwyane Wade (Converse) - "Fall Seven Times"

I'd have to assume that the only chance Wade has in this vote amongst Chicagoans is if you really really love Richards high school. Otherwise, you have the recreations of Jordan's shrug during game 1 of the '92 finals, the final shot (Utah Jazz fans likely call it "The Pushoff") in the '98 finals, and "The Shot" against Cleveland in the '89 Playoffs, among others. But this is open to everyone, so maybe Bulls bias won't be enough and that upstart Wade has an upset in mind.

Voting is open through Wednesday night.  My fellow SBNation bloggers will be hosting the other first round contests:

KG vs. Amare
TMac vs. LeBron
Kobe vs. Vinsanity

The second round starts next Monday.