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Q&A with My Man Sam

I have a friend who calls Sam Smith 'The poor man's Peter Vescey', which is about the least flattering comparison ever.

But I still dig My Man Sam(tm), even though he's a man without a purpose since his life's goal of getting Eddy Curry traded has already occured. He's just so snarky to go along with his NBA expertise that I can't help but love his work (even enough to tolerate the mistakes). is hosting a weekly column of Sam answering emails. If it's anything like this weeks' edition it'll be appointment reading.

A sample regarding the Jalen Rose trade:

The idea was the Bulls needed a go-to scorer to finish games and Jalen did that in Indiana in leading them in scoring in the 2000 NBA Finals. It made sense for both teams, but didn't work for either. It happens. You have to move on and I have. Hey, Jerry West once traded for Benoit Benjamin.