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Game Thread #68: Bulls at Indiana Pacers

Lets, um, try to win a game.

Commenter REB pointed out the still-real possibility of playoffs:

Looking at the schedule though,the playoffs are still possible.  The Bull's have 15 games left and only one is against an elite team(at Miami). The key is winning the home and home with Philly. We only have to tie Philly since we will have the tiebreaker.

Unfortunately Philly's schedule may be easier than the Bulls.
If you take out the common opponents, Chicago is home for New Orl, Ind & Tor; with Bos & Atl on the road.  Philly has Det, Atl & NY at home and NY, Cleve, NJ on the road. (I can't see myself pulling for the Knicks to beat Philly.)

So it is possible (this neat site says they have a 44% chance), but this past week has taught us the Bulls are a bad team, playoffs or not. Lets face it, this years' Bulls or Sixers teams making the playoffs should shake our faith in professional basketball.

Ah well, at least we have the Knicks pick, so we don't have any (well there's some) draft incentive of rooting for the Bulls to lose. So might as well hope they have another streak in the bag.

Duhon's hurt with a bad back, and the Bulls signed Randy Livingston. Not that he'll make an impact, I just hate when these 10-day guys turn up unannounced and play 20 minutes before I even knew they were on the team.  

As far as the Pacers, Jermaine O'Neal is hurt, and  the Bulls have a solid chance to win this game on the road. As long as they don't lay a turd like they have the past 2 road efforts.

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