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Sports Guy on Skiles

This was from a few days ago:

Now here's a coach I love: Scott Skiles. When the Bulls beat the Clips in L.A. last month and Skiles worked Dunleavy like a speed bag -- it was the best coaching job I've seen in two years. Seriously, look at that Bulls team. They don't have a single top-15 player at any of the five positions except for Kirk Hinrich. Their two best scorers are 40 percent shooters. They have no size at all except for Tyson Chandler (the very poor man's Marcus Camby) and Mike Sweetney (who's eating himself out of the league). And yet they have an outside chance for the eighth seed, which would give them consecutive playoff appearances if that happened. Imagine what Skiles could do with a real team?

I think Simmons is selling the Bulls' talent short here, but the point is well taken: despite their subpar record this season Skiles is still proving himself to be an elite NBA coach.

I have to admit it'd be a lot easier to write sometimes if a Tim Floyd was still manning the helm, but kudos to Paxson and the organization for locking up Skiles contract last offseason to keep him here till he gets his 'real team'. Although I believe that team will not be much different than this current one.

(not to be unnoticed: in the same article Simmons mentiones Larry Brown's horrible coaching job this year. That and Skiles love is a quick way to my heart!)