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Link Dump

Bullets are a bloggers' best friend:

  • I'm looking for a host in the next edition of the Carnival of the NBA (#25). If you're a new hoops blogger and haven't been added to the carnival email list yet (you'd probably know if you were), email me. Especially if you're up for hosting this time around. If you spend a lot of time here you may have noticed the box on the right sidebar. You can check previous entries of the NBA carnival and where it'll be next.
  • I kindof went after Brian McCormick last week, so it's only fair that I laud his post regarding student 'athletes'.
    There is no need for such an apathetic student to masquerade as a student-athlete just to further his basketball career. Universities should not serve as a minor league and abdicate its responsibilities to educate; the NBA, through the NBDL, should accept and train [incoming USC recruit Davon] Jefferson and similar non-student athletes.
    I wrote a college basketball rant nearly 2 years ago, but McCormick's version is far more succinct.
  • What Torii Hunter has said about the upcoming world baseball classic (more specifically, the last quote there), is basically the same way I feel about Olympic basketball. Another famous lengthy post from my ranting days. I can't fully vouch for these old posts, by the way.
  • Speaking of the Olympics: I find this hard to say, but I actually agree with Jay Mariotti. No Olympics in Chicago. At least not while I'm living and working here. It'd be cool for a couple hours during the opening ceremonies, the whole world watching this great city and celebrating it, and all that. Unfortunately, you can't have that moment without over a decade of funds and construction in the buildup, and then the complete circus during those 2 weeks it's actually happening. And in reference to Unknown Column (who wrote the reaction I'm linking to), this aint Mayor Daley's 'dream' as much as 'hopeful distraction'.
  • is no longer allowed to cover the team practice, apparently from an NBA-wide mandate that "specifically called out unaccredited internet fan sites". How lame of you, Mr. Stern. Anybody out there care to dig deeper and find out why the league wouldn't want more coverage of their product? Apparently the working excuse is to stop the proliferation of unfounded rumors. So I'm guessing Peter Vescey and Sam Smith should be worried.
  • End of the Bench has a handy post up detailing his favorite blogging resources.
  • And I'll leave you with a couple laugh-out-loud lines from recent reads:
    "The Seattle Sonics waived Bryon "My first name is retarded" Russell today. So much for our "Weak-ass Bitches Who Got Killed by MJ" feature with Russell and Craig "Mint" Ehlo." -SuperSonicSoul

     "The real reason [Allen Iverson] will not be playing for the Stars and Stripes is probably because he has Chinese writing tattooed onto his neck. Traitor." - Bucks Town