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Game Thread #49: Bulls at Sacramento Kings

I'd feel a lot better going into this game if the Bulls properly were able to coast through the 2nd half last night in Denver. Instead, it was a nail-biter and who knows how much energy will be left tonight. Why can't things ever be easy for these guys? Oh, right, they're not that good.

On the bright side, Tyson Chandler and Ben Gordon have been tremendous during the road trip, so with even season-average contributions from the others (hasn't happened much lately) the Bulls will be fairly tough, even on the road.

The Kings feature two members from the '00-'01 Bulls, Brad Miller and Ron Artest. (This has turned out better than the '01-'02 Bulls that Isaiah Thomas is trying to re-form over in New York.) Head over to SBNation sister site (grudge match!) Sactown Royalty, where I get all my Kings news. Without reading about his man-crush on Kevin Martin, I wouldn't even know who the young swingman was. Martin will replace the injured Bonzi Wells, which will be nice since Bonzi's the type of big guard that gives the Bulls' fits. One important player to look out for is Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who while being back for a few games, tonight will be the first game since getting his wired jaw....un-wired. Did I mention they have Ron Artest?

(I also have an affinity for undersized-yet-productive PF Kenny Thomas. He has a diminished role with SA-R on the roster, I'd think about giving Sacto a call and offer to take him. It's a big contract, but consider if he were a free agent, signing him to a 4-year ~$31m deal wouldn't be too extravagant would it? Man, those Billy King contracts are all over the league. )

Another coast-to-coast broadcast, this time on TNT. Marv and Steve Kerr! I'm excited. I'd have similar feelings about Kenny and Charles, but with Dallas playing Miami on the station's first game, I'm guessing they'll spend more time gabbing about how Miami needs to respond to Riley, or gel with their new roster, or some other bullshit to dance around the fact that Shaq is a big fat turd and has given up.