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Game Thread #53: Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks

8pm CST start due to ESPN telecast.

Bulls are 1-1 against their 'rivals' this year,(it's NBA's rivalry week, right?) and the Bucks are one of those teams that are in the glut of mediocre Eastern Conference teams. Did you know that the Bucks are actually behind the Bulls in average point differential? They've managed to have a better than .500 record by having great success in close games...that could be just luck, but also means that unlike the Bulls they've been able to finish off opponents.

But maybe that trend is heading the other way, as the Bucks lost a close one to New Jersey last night.

Blogging with the Enemy: Bucks View | Bucks Town

If the Bulls are thinking playoffs  this is a home game they have to win. This is the Bulls' first game in 6 days: well rested, ready, rarin' to go, all that crap. To the stretch run!