I see the future and the future is...

Adam Morrison!!!

This has been debated on here before and it will be again and again and again before draft day, but...

I'm hooked; he had me at the blocked shot.

Forget Aldridge.

Forget the international guy.

Forget Boone.

Forget the big guard.

Give me Adam Morrison.

Larry Bird, here we come!!!! (Yeah, I said it, so what! Sue me!!!)

This guy is clutch, clutch, clutch. He's a sniper. He's a "dot it in your eye" kinda guy. He's cold blooded. And he wants the ball, at the end of the game, with the game on the line.

Picture 2.0 seconds left at the end of a game. The score is 98-97. The Bulls are inbounding to take the last shot. And you got Ben Gordon on one wing and Adam Morrison on the other. Who you gonna guard? I'd like to give other teams that headache.

(By the way, Morrison is decidedly better than Szerbiak ever was in college.)

And on top of all that, he's got a little piss-n-vinegar in him too.

Use the cap money for a post player like Harrington.

Pray for the Knicks to go on a long long long losing streak so we get the best odds for the #1 pick.

And give me Adam Morrison.

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